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Righteous Felon

Craft Beef Jerky

Craft Beef Jerky

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Tasty, fun and unique gift comfort food gift for him or her. Choose from 3 flavors or all to your cart and do a jerky sampler pack!

Flavors Include: 

"Darth Garlic" 

We turned up the heavy dose of black garlic to give this amazingly tender meat snack a strong umami flavor. With 32g of protein, 0 grams of sugar, and <1g of carbs per bag, this biltong packs a punch for anyone looking to slim down in the new year without sacrificing on flavor. Keto friendly 

"Bourbon Franklin"

Bourbon Franklin takes Righteous Felon's original recipe and pile drives it with a Fourth-of-July's worth of bourbon, a pinch of vanilla bean, and a whisper of cinnamon. Bourbon Franklin is an homage to the ingenuity of America itself, to reinforce and redefine its founding values - family, friends, flavor, freedom, and the pursuit of (your tongue's) happiness.

"Habanero Escobar"

A spicy delicacy for those righteous souls who can take the heat. One hundred percent pure jerky from the personal stash of Colombia's most notorious felon himself. Now, that illicit hickory flavor cut with a dose of all-natural Habanero seasoning has a chance to fall into the right hands - yours.


Size : 2 oz.


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