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Pop Art Jigsaw Puzzles

Pop Art Jigsaw Puzzles

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Who doesn't love a good Jigsaw puzzle to pass the time. Our left analytical side sees all scattered pieces ready to sort them logically and our right creative side sees the bigger picture encouraging intuition. Working on puzzles actually creates connections between our two sides and increased connections means an increased ability to learn, remember and comprehend! The thrill and satisfaction of the right pieces placement means more dopamine production. This helps promote focus, creativity and sharpened memory! 99 pieces 

The signature clotheslines Art is a custom print that was painted and reproduced into a puzzle by DurdenArt who is located in Laguna Beach, California USA. 

About the Artist: 

Mr. Durden is an artist, entrepreneur, and advocate for innovative visual storytelling. He has spent the last 20 years as a professional independent thinker, doer, and maker.  It wasn’t until making Laguna Beach his permanent home in 2010 that a new focus in his own creative vision occurred and his unique smart pop-art style was born. 

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